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Lift Master


Smart Opener

And the last but not least is the smart opener, a type of opening system from Lift Master that lets you open and close your garage doors anywhere at anytime. Advanced technology allows you to check and see if your doors are open or closed. It’s excellent for home safety, but did you also know you can get them in three different types? In fact, you can install a smart opener in chain, belt, or wall mount form.
Like most new home garage systems, Lift Master is convenient, safe, and easy to use. Contact a garage door opener repair near you to learn more.
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Smart Opener

With modern technology, you can now open your garage doors with flexibility and ease. Like other brands, the Lift Master operates on four different components

Open Looped Ends

This is the heart of the Lift Master garage door opener and is responsible for raising and lowering your garage door.

Drive mechanism

The part of the Lift Master system that determines the way the power is used when operating.

Remote control

The Lift Master system has remote control technology that tells the door to move up or down.

Safety sensors

Lift Master has safety sensors that can detect objects or people that stand under the garage door. This prevents it from slamming on top of you or your car on your way in or out.


When shopping for a Lift Master, look for the following features:

Type of machine







The Lift Master has four types

The Lift Master has four types of garage door openers: the chain, belt, wall mount, and smart garage door openers. Each one allows you to open and close your garage door in a way that’s safe and efficient.


The Lift Master chain opener lets you open your garage door using a sturdy chain that’s strong enough to handle the heaviest doors. With the chain opener, you have a system that’s reliable and uses enough power to keep your door going smoothly every time.

Wall Mount

Like the belt, a Lift Master wall mount is very quiet. The best thing about this type of Lift Master garage door opener is that it’s located right next to the door, which creates sufficient space around the outside of your garage door. It’s convenient for homes and garages that are smaller in size.


If you want something that makes less racket, go for a belt opener from Lift Master. The belt is so quiet that you’ll never know that your garage door is moving at all. All it takes is a durable belt to support your door at all times.