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Garage Door Opener: The Ultimate Guide to Determining the Right One

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A garage door opener gives homeowners easy and unlimited access to their garage from the comfort of their cars. With the wide availability of different garage door openers in the market, everyone can get one that suits the material, feature, horsepower, and security you need. When choosing the right size of garage door opener for you, you have to check a couple of factors.

Before we dive deep into the factors, pros & cons, and kinds of garage door openers, we must first understand what they are.

Understanding Garage Door Opener Sizes

An electric garage door opener is another home improvement necessity that adds convenience to your life. The basic functionality of a garage door opener allows you to move in and out of your garage in the comfort of your car, away from the rain, snow, and heat. But with this kind of need in the market comes a variety of horsepower ratings, sizes, and material compatibility.

It’s important to check a garage door opener’s horsepower ratings and compare them to the lifting power. The horsepower you’re looking for must also be able to carry the weight of your garage door’s material. Since some materials are heavier than others, they will require more horsepower to function smoothly. Additionally, size does matter when it comes to how much horsepower your garage door opener will need to lift your garage door.

By taking note of your garage door’s material and size, you can determine which model is the right match. Here is a quick tip on which horsepower rating is suitable for different garage door sizes:

  • Standard single-car garage doors made of either fiberglass, aluminum, or steel will need around 1/3 to 1/2 horsepower.
  • A sectional double-car garage with a carriage-style door will need a 1/2 to 3/4 horsepower.
  • Large wooden garage doors will need 3/4 to 1 horsepower to function seamlessly.

This guide is just the basics. If you’re already facing problems with your garage door and existing opener, it’s best to contact professionals. It is important to realize that investing in the right and quality garage door opener will not only save you money in the long run but will also save you longer, especially if you use it frequently.

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Types of Garage Door Openers

Once you understand the basics of your own garage door, like its size, material, and horsepower rating. It’s time to check out the various garage door openers available.

Chain Drive Openers

Chain drive garage door openers mainly use a metal chain to open and close your garage door. This type of opener functions by the movement of gears and metal parts simultaneously.

A chain opener is an affordable choice and available massively everywhere. It’s also one of the original and time-tested openers out there. Chain openers are strong and can easily lift heavy materials like steel carriages or wood. It is also ideal for bigger and wider garage doors. But it can also still be used on lighter garage door materials.

It is important to realize that since the parts of this opener are metal, it is prone to wear down faster, especially when used frequently. There’s also the possibility of rusting, which will weaken the opener throughout the years. Another downside to chain openers is that they can rattle a lot, making noise whenever you use them.

Belt-Driven Openers

Belt drive garage door openers function by using a rubber belt to open and close your garage door. The rubber belt makes it easier to slide the trolley whenever the door needs to open or close down.

The belt opener is more expensive than the chain opener but lasts homeowners longer. Not only that, it is also somewhat faster than the other models because of the smoothness of the belt and trolley. Additionally, it is the quietest garage door opener, making it ideal if you’re sensitive to loud noises. It is also an economical choice because of these features. Belt openers are ideal for lighter garage door materials because as much as it is functional, it is not a strong contender.

Jackshaft Opener

Relatively new in the market, jackshaft garage door openers are a more aesthetically pleasing option. Instead of mounting the opener on the ceiling, it’s now beside the garage door. The jackshaft has no trolley or track system running over your garage ceiling and your car.

The most technologically advanced type of garage door opener because of its on-board computerization, which people who prioritize security. Moreover, most brands of jackshaft openers come with a battery backup, emergency cord disengagement, and WIFI connectivity. It is also one of the most quiet types of garage door openers. In addition, it’s an ideal option for garages with a low ceiling.

The downside with this type of garage door opener is the price and availability in the market. It is more on the expensive side of garage door openers, and it’s pretty hard to find.

garage door opener setup

Overall, every type of garage door opener in the market is a good choice. Choosing the right one will all just boil down to your garage door’s material and size, your budget, preferences, and your needs.

Furthermore, many homeowners prefer getting their garage door openers installed professionally than risking doing it by themselves. Most garage door companies offer a good selection of door opener types, models, and pricing. With this, you can relax as you get the efficiency, security, and convenience you expect from getting a professional team on board.

Ultimately, you should hire a trusted garage door company that is experienced, affordable, and offers a variety of opener models. Easy Garage Door – Spring is the one for you, with our flexible installation service, experience in the industry, and excellent customer care. Allow yourself to easily drive in and out of your garage. Give us a call today at 832-702-5376!

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