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Garage Door Insulation Kits: What’s So Amazing About It?

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The winter season can bring brutal coldness that we prepare our homes for, especially our garages. Garage Door Insulation Kits are the most helpful garage home improvement purchases you can make. It’s a great option to warm up your garage and keep your cars from the harsh weather.

Tons of professional garage door companies like Easy Door Garage – Spring offers quality garage door insulation services. Meanwhile, some homeowners prefer doing it themselves, making garage door insulation kits necessary.

What are Garage Door Insulation Kits & What’s Inside Them?

Garage door insulation kits is a do-it-yourself thermal insulation kit designed to keep the cold out during winters. It decreases heat transfer through your garage door, keeping your garage warmer during the winter, effectively saving energy costs, and protecting your car/s.

A typical garage door insulation kit contains around 8 large insulation sheets. The insulation sheet sizes come in different sizes depending on your garage door. Most large garage door/s may need more kits to fill in.

Types of Garage Door Insulation Kits

Additionally, many different types of insulation kits are available in the market. Most of these kits differ only in material used as insulation. These include foam, reflective foil, polystyrene, fiberglass, and more.

Here are some excellent choices for Garage Insulation Kits to choose from:

  • Foam-based Insulation Kit – Most foam-based kits have high-density rigid foam that provides airtight sealing. It is the best kind of insulation for tight spaces.
  • Fiberglass Panel Kit – Fiberglass is the most common type of insulation in the market. Its easy-to-use material makes it easy for DIY enthusiasts to place on their garage doors.
  • Eco-friendly Insulation Kit – An eco-friendly insulation kit is typically made from recycled materials such as straw, wood fiber, and hemp. These are an environment-friendly insulation kit that also keeps the cold away from your garage and requires minimal energy to produce.
  • Multi-Layered Insulation Kit – This type of insulation combines reflective and foam layers. It is a versatile and highly effective type of insulation. Still, it can be a complex material that may require professional installation.

Something a little different during the warm summer days.

  • Reflective Insulation Kit – This type of insulation is an excellent alternative during the hot summer season. Reflective materials are proven to combat scorching heat and keep your garage cooler than the outside.

As much as all these types of insulation are great, the right garage door insulation will depend on your specific needs.

Choosing the Right Garage Door Insulation Kit

The suitable garage door insulation kit can be a tough decision with several pros and cons. But the first thing to remember is to know what you and your garage need.

Let’s break it down to the different factors with corresponding questions such as:

  • Climate: Is the garage insulation kit needed for hot or cold temperatures? Which material is best for the environment I’m in?
  • Garage Usage: Would I use it to keep the cold out or for noise control or both?
  • Budget: How much will I spend on the garage door insulation kit? Would I do it myself or hire a professional to do it?

The next factor to consider is how easy the installation process will be. Some materials, usually lightweight ones, are easier to install. Other insulated materials are heavy and complex and will need professional assistance to be installed successfully.

Installation Process

Most garage door insulation kits are manageable to install, especially if you follow the correct steps. Additionally, most kits come with an instruction manual that will help you. But here’s a step-by-step guide to help you if your guide’s lost or too complicated with big words.

  • Start by preparing the right tools, materials, and space. 
    • Garage door insulation kit
    • Ladder
    • Cutting materials – heavy-duty scissors or utility knife
    • Foil/double-sided tape/adhesives/fasteners
    • Measuring tape & straight edge ruler
  • Take accurate measures of your garage doors. This will help you strategize the insulation material’s placement and purchase the right size you need for the entire door.
  • Choose and purchase the right insulation material you need.
  • Cut the insulation material carefully. Use a measuring tape and a straight-edge ruler for clean and accurate cuts.
  • Use a sharp knife or scissors for precise cuts on your insulation kit.
  • Securing your insulation is tricky because of the type of adhesive your garage door insulation kit needs.
  • Then, you must check all angles to seal any gaps in between. This will maximize the performance of your garage door insulation kits.
  • As you seal all gaps, ensure it doesn’t obstruct any moving parts of your garage door.
  • Finally, test out your garage door by opening and closing it to see if it moves smoothly.

Overall, installing your garage door insulation kits can be easy if you check your supplies, purchase the right insulation, and install them properly.

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Benefits of Using Garage Door Insulation Kits

Installing garage door insulation kits can pose several benefits regardless of whether it is summer or winter season. Many homeowners can vouch for the overall home improvement they felt right after installing their insulation kits.

Here are some of the incredible benefits of getting garage door insulation kits:

1. Cost and Energy Efficiency

The main benefit many people rave about is the affordability of their energy bills, which correlates to their savings. Garage insulation kits are generally affordable; even getting it professionally installed isn’t as expensive as you think.

Plus, your home’s heating or cooling systems won’t overwork itself during the winter or summertime to keep your space at its comfortable temperature.

2. Maintenance and Longevity

Once you successfully install your garage door insulation kits, it’ll last a long time. It’s the kind of home improvement that will experience a lot of abuse throughout its lifetime in your garage. Still, it will continue to serve its purpose. Additionally, it gives additional longevity to your door panels’ life because it also serves as an extra layer against the weather and debris.

3. Environmental Impact

As more and more homeowners invest in the right garage insulation kits, homes will require less energy to power the house, allowing energy consumption to drop. As a result, lower energy bills can ultimately contribute to a better and more sustainable living environment. The less energy we need daily, the better it is for our world.

To summarize, garage door insulation kits are easy to install. They are home improvement kits that add value to your living conditions. It offers more benefits than cons because it is designed to help your home’s functionality and extend its lifespan. Additionally, this purchase can save you hundreds of dollars for energy bills along the road.

Despite garage door insulation kits being a do-it-yourself task, most people prefer having them professionally installed for several reasons. Heavy-duty insulation kits like R8 are likely to last longer and are durable, making them harder to install. As a result, homeowners opt to spend a few extra dollars to ensure they get the best ones on their garage doors installed right.

Easy Garage Door – Spring offers customers affordable garage door insulation services that last them longer than expected. Our team of experts understands the importance of proper installation. They will also turn to their knowledge in the installation process to ensure customers can reap the benefits of insulation kits. Get your garage door insulated in a cost-friendly manner with us! Call 832-702-5376 for more details

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