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Garage Door Installation & Repair Near You in Spring, TX


Garage Door Installation & Repair

Broken garage doors are one of the most common problems faced by homeowners. You reach for the remote and try to open or close your garage door, but it won’t budge. The question you ask yourself is, “What next?” Garage door installation & repair in Spring TX has the solution for you, and that’s Easy Garage Door Spring.
But here’s the good news: If it’s broken, we can fix it! Broken garage doors with bad springs are more common than you think. Yes, it’s very annoying, not to mention aggravating, to pull the door up and down without a good spring. That’s where garage door spring repair come in. You can find a garage door opener repair near you in Spring and surrounding areas.
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How Does a Good Door Go Bad?

You’re not the first homeowner to fret over a malfunctioning garage door, and you won’t be the last. A busted or worn spring is usually the case. It’s important to keep in mind that garage door springs have a very limited lifespan that’s expressed in cycles. This refers to the number of times you can open and close the door before the spring breaks. Many times, a garage door spring can last for several years, which is good news for homeowners. But like most mechanisms, they will eventually break. It’s only a matter of time.

When this happens, have no fear. Get Easy Garage Door Spring on the case. Our garage door repair process starts with an investigation into the problem. We’ll inspect your springs and determine what issues may be contributing to their early demise. We will work to determine if there are any upgrades needed for your garage doors so that they will be up and running again. Our mission is to help you extend the life of your garage doors for as long as possible. Garage door installation & repair in Spring TX can help.


Garage Door Installation & Repair

It’s no fun dealing with garage door springs that don’t work. A garage door that doesn’t open due to worn or malfunctioning springs can be a real headache for most. In fact, it’s downright scary. You can only imagine what it must be like to try and leave your garage, only to find that you can’t lift the door. Your head spins as you imagine what the high cost of garage door repair must entail. Beware of the many reasons why springs break.

Wear and Tear

Most good garage door springs last from 7-10 years. However, there are other factors to ponder. One is how often you use your garage door. Remember that wear and tear stem from excessive use. It is suggested that you only use your garage door for entering and exiting with your vehicle. Any other use is unnecessary and can lead to a much shorter lifespan.


It’s important to make sure your garage door springs are well-oiled and in good working condition. Springs that are left unchecked can get a little rusty. You may be able to scrub some of it off using aluminum foil or a steel brush wheel. Periodic lubrication helps if done 3-4 times per year. But sometimes, it’s easy to overlook this common problem, especially when you’re busy. But don’t let rust eat at you. Call us today for a spring checkup.

Garage Door Jams

It’s easy for debris to make its way into your doors. Sometimes, things get stuck, and before you know it, you’re in a jam. Dirt and debris align themselves inside the door track and accumulate over time. Sadly, your garage door springs are impacted by the mess. The debris blocks the roller and causes a garage door jam.
Rust When your garage door gets stuck, your springs stop moving. They eventually lose their bounce and quit working altogether. At this point, your best option is getting your door repaired.
Garage door installation & repair in Spring TX offers several options for your springs. Our goal is to help you fix your doors with new parts.
A well-balanced garage door spring system must be installed in a way that offsets your garage door. Doing so provides a safe level of smooth consistency which allows you to operate your doors without a hitch. But sometimes you’ll encounter a hiccup that requires a good look at your garage door and its springs.
There are things to consider before getting garage door installation & repair in Spring TX. You should ask yourself the following questions:


Standard Extension Springs

Standard extension springs earn their name by stretching and extending to gain energy. Once your garage door shuts, weight is put on these springs. This gives them sufficient friction through the door’s horizontal track.
There are three subtypes of extension springs: open looped ends, double looped ends, and clipped ends.
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Open Looped Ends

For open looped ends, installation is simple. There are no complications because you don’t need to disassemble the pulley, nor do you have to open the eyeball. However, you will have to have an entire spring replaced regardless of the amount of damage done. So, even if only a small part is broken, simply fixing it won’t do.

Double Looped Ends

This type of door spring is comprised of two coils put together, which give double looped ends more strength than open loops. Both coils are connected to the pulley and eyebolt for added power. But they can be difficult to replace because of this.
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Clipped Ends

Among the most durable of your garage door springs are the clipped ends. These springs types are equipped to handle a minimum weight of 200 lbs., making them ideal for stronger garage doors. Plus, the clips offer great stress protection for your springs, which could help extend their lifespan. However, because of their incredible durability, you may find these springs to be more difficult to change than the last two.

Standard Torsion Springs

Unlike extension springs, standard torsion springs gain energy by not stretching. They work when that same energy goes straight to the shaft, where it’s carried to the drums. An equal spin of each cable is all it takes to open your garage door. Consequently, torsion springs are much easier to install and use, making them a popular choice among homeowners. The shaft held by the middle and supporting springs are what make standard torsion springs so popular among homeowners. With this type, you can install your springs directly above the garage opening. You can get by with one spring on most doors, but anything heavy should include two springs.
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an image showing Easy Garage Door Spring working on a garage door

Early Set Torsion Springs

Your early set torsion springs can be found in the center of the torsion shaft. For added support, be sure to install the right hardware near the end and next to the cable drums.

Steel Rolling Door Torsion Springs

You’ll find these springs in most commercial and industrial settings for a reason. They support giant rolling doors with ease because of their strength and flexibility. Steel rolling torsion springs are inside a torsion barrel that supports rolling doors.
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Torque Master Torsion Springs

Deemed the safest type, torque master torsion springs are secured within the torsion shaft. You’re likely to find a winding cone near the torsion rod right at the end. Consequently, your garage doors will rise up and down with the utmost safety and ease.

When It's Necessary to Replace Both Garage Door Springs

You may be scratching your head at this point and thinking, “When should I replace both garage door springs?” The answer depends on how many springs are in your door. On a door with double springs, you’ll need to replace both springs, even when only one of them breaks. Remember, this type of door doesn’t just use a single spring to pull up or down. It needs both springs working at their utmost to open and close your garage door.

You should consider the types of spring systems available for your door. There are two standard categories:

Standard Extension Springs: These springs are easy to install because they go above the horizontal track of a garage door.

Standard Extension Springs: These springs are easy to install because they go above the horizontal track of a garage door.Standard Torsion Springs: This set includes a shaft, spring, and drum assembly, all-in-one. They are easily installed above a door’s opening, where they can distribute the weight of the door. This makes them ideal for heavier doors. However, it takes a trained professional to install and maintain them.


As a homeowner, it’s vital to know your garage doors. You need to know what you’re working with before you begin garage door installation and repair. The difference between torsion springs and extension springs gives you a feel for how your garage door is supposed to work.