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The Dangers of Snapped Garage Door Cables: What To Do & How To Safely Handle It

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Frequent usage of your garage doors can cause significant wear and tear on your door cable, which can eventually snap. Despite most garage door cables being strong and easily lifting and dropping your door’s weight, several other factors can cause it to snap. Many homeowners attempt to fix their cables by themselves. Still, the complex mechanisms that allow your openers to run smoothly are compromised. It is best to immediately call a professional team to deal with this to avoid any personal injury or damage to your garage door.

What is Garage Door Cable?

Whenever you use your garage door, the spring counterbalances your door’s entire weight as the springs hold off large amounts of tension. Once a spring breaks or has any troubles, it is possible to cause damage and injury. Cables come into play as they function to help the springs from recoiling, which can cause the most damage.

Types of Garage Door Cables

Two distinct types of cables can be differentiated by the kinds of springs your garage door openers use:

  1. Retainer garage door cables come with extension springs that hinder it from flinging across your garage because of breaking or losing tension. You can find the cables inside the springs, which help with the overall lifting and balancing as you operate your garage door.
  2. Lift cables, on the other hand, come with torsion springs. These garage door cables are attached to the bottom corners and placed to the torsion springs just above the doors.

Causes of Garage Door Cables Snapping

Regardless of the type of garage door cables you have in your home, cable snapping is always possible. But what causes cable snapping? Several ways may contribute to the eventual damage to your garage door cables, such as:

  • Wear and tear among your cables is the most common and inevitable reason.
  • Poor maintenance is another, as we live a busy life, and it’s easy to overlook your garage maintenance.
  • The sudden jolts of force and pressure can also throw your garage door cables off balance.
  • Improper track alignment is another possible cause that can irregulate the entire operation of your garage doors.
  • Water and moisture can be trapped within different areas of your garage door, which may eventually lead to rust.

The snapping of your garage door cables may not automatically be visible. You can immediately notice a difference when there’s an unusual speed to your door. Another way to know is when your garage door looks crooked as it opens and closes. In addition, the loud, unnecessary noises that your garage door openers make as you use them are yet another sign.

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What Immediate Actions Should You Do?

As soon as you notice any kind of disturbances or problems with your garage door cables, stop using them immediately. Whether your garage door cables are loose or snapped, using them may result in a number of accidents, such as garage doors crashing down, causing personal injuries and car damage, among others.

It is also advisable to disconnect your opener immediately and not attempt manual lifting. Additionally, children and pets should not be near the garage to prevent mishaps.

Make sure you assess your garage door cables and take notes of anything unusual to report to your garage door repair company. You will need to watch out for a number of things, such as other signs of damage such as springs, garage door, opener, motor, and more. These little details will be essential to repairing your cables and solving any underlying problem that caused the snap.

Garage Door Cable Repair Options: DIY Remedies vs. Hiring Professionals

While several individuals will insist on repairing their garage door cable, it may provide temporary fixes. These fixes may be enough for you to return to your regular garage routine, but they don’t always last, especially if you have no prior knowledge. Although, it is important to realize that accidents may happen, especially during DIY sessions like this. As a result, professionals don’t advise DIY repairs of complex parts like this on your garage door openers.

It is best to contact a trustworthy garage door repair company to handle the situation for you immediately. Situations that require an urgent call to professionals are when your cable snaps while your garage door is still open. Your door may be hanging from a single cable, which is dangerous for a door to crash or collapse. Your home may also be vulnerable to dangers such as burglars or break-ins. So, if you notice problems with your cables or springs, call a professional as soon as possible.

Easy Garage Door-Spring understands the severity and delicateness of repairing a snapped garage door cable. Our team of experts is on the problem right away to avoid any disasters and delays in our customer’s daily routine.

Preventive Measures You Can Do To For Your Garage Door Cable

As soon as a professional team assists you in repairing your garage door cables, you can start asking for tips. These tips can be about regular maintenance, proper usage, and possible upgrades, which are essential in prolonging your opener’s lifespan.

Here are some simple tips to keep your garage door cables in top shape:

  • Regular inspection
  • Proper lubrication on cables and springs
  • Clearing the area from any obstruction
  • Calling professionals for any upgrades you may need.

When it comes to quick and reliable garage door cable repair, Easy Garage Door – Spring is your ultimate partner. We ensure our customers get quality services that protect their garage, home, possessions, and safety. With this, our cable repair services will guarantee a swift fix as well as long-lasting results at reasonable prices. Additionally, we make sure customers get the support they need from start to finish with our smooth processing procedures. Give us a call today at 832-702-5376 for more details!

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